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Comune di Ponzano Monferrato

Comune di Ponzano Monferrato
Villa "Il Cedro"

The widespread garden

To discover the historical and botanical gardens of Casale Monferrato

Residence “the Cedar”-Ponzano Monferrato


It is impossible to see the garden from outside the residence as it is located in its courtyard, therefore the visitors are usually surprised when they see it.
The garden dates back to 1877, when Countess Adele Roggeri Sannazzaro charged engineer Brocchi to design the plan for the extension of the “Country house” located in Ponzano.
The conceptual designs have been analyzed and the result of the analysis shows that the project of Mr. Brocchi concerned also the garden, laid out on a terrace supported by a retaining wall. The terrace overlooks a wonderful landscape, in fact the curved lines of the garden merge with the sinuous ones of the hills that surround it.
The original layout of the garden, which has never been altered, included the realization of curved flower beds bordered by low-growing boxwood hedges that enclosed the lawn. The perimeter flower beds consisted of shrubs with colorful flowers while in the “central” ones groups of various species of trees alternated with isolated plants were grown and their arrangement was aimed at emphasize their features.
The sinuous shapes of the flower beds were accentuated by the contrast between two shades of green (of the lawn and the boxwood) and the grey of the gravel of the paths.
Even the façade, consisting of a series of superimposed loggias, was emphasized by the arrangement, on the central axis of the plan, of an oval flower bed. It was similar to a big vase where some flowers, which embellished the view from the residence, were grown.
Even though nobody knows what kinds of plants, trees and shrubs were cultivated in the garden, we can suppose that the majestic cedar of Lebanon is one of the most ancient trees in the garden. It dominates the garden and nowadays the residence is named after this huge tree.
The current owners have recently restored the garden and the ancient vegetable garden, where vegetables are grown in flower beds bordered by bricks.

Garden of residence “the Cedar”-Ponzano Monferrato

The details that catch the eye are the sinuous game of the boxwood hedges on the turf around a basin and the most majestic and ancient tree, a cedar of Lebanon, that shades the lawn.
A romantic corner, located on a slope where shrubs, flowers, hackberries, a sequoia and some yews grow, is a nice look-out.
The garden, which can be reached from the residence by descending a short staircase, is laid out on a raised terrace. However, the difference in height between the terrace and the surrounding area is camouflaged by flowers.
Around the garden there are large areas abounding in shrubs and flowers, especially perennial herbaceous plants which show botanical knowledge and a good taste in combining shapes and colors. Obviously we can also find volunteer plants, such as orchids that grow in spring or ornamental bulbous plants that, in autumn, cover the grassy slopes of the large landscape park.
There is even an orchard, a vegetable garden, which looks like a small garden, and a corner where new plants propagate through root cuttings and where the seeds sprouts.
There are overall 20,000 m2 of level ground and slopes. Moreover some paths and staircases have been designed so that it is easier to walk through the garden and the park and admire their botanical richness in every corner.
Visitors can follow a particular  path bordered by lime trees leads to the bound of the property beyond which there is a vineyard. Then the second part of the path leads to a large lawn overlooked by the vegetable garden where a lot of vegetables, aromatic plants and flowers are grown.
Finally, the entire residence is located in front of a wonderful valley, characterized by the sinuous shape of the hills, where there are not any buildings.