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Comune di Ponzano Monferrato

Comune di Ponzano Monferrato



Parish Church of Saint John the Baptist

It  is located near the Cavallero Castle. It was mentioned for the first time in the valuations of the parish Church of Meda of 1298/99. Between 1660 and 1670 the church building, designed by Sebastiano Guala, was rebuilt whereas the last restoration dates back to 1963 (this date is also shown in a mosaic on the threshold).
The neoclassical façade culminates in a tympanum with a recess in which there is a small statue of Saint John the Baptist. The wooden doorway is carved. A sundial is a piece of graffiti that dates back to the Middle Age and the inferior part of the bell tower, made up of bricks and dimension stones of  “pietra da cantoni” is  more ancient than the baroque belfry.
The form of the plan is called “Latin cross” and there is a single nave, a presbytery and a semicircular apse. The walls are embellished by pilaster strips with ionic capitals. The ceiling consists of a barrel vault with lunettes. Moreover there are some recesses that contain statues of Saint Rita, Saint Domenico Savio, Saint Joseph, Immaculate Mary, Saint John Bosco and Baby Jesus. In the baptistery, which is enclosed by a railing, there is the “Baptism of Christ” while in the chapel opposite the baptistery there is a painting on the wall that  shows a “Guardian angel that guides two boys”. Even the apse and the chancel are surrounded by paintings on canvas and frescoes, such as “Birth of Saint John the Baptist”, “The three Mary”, “Decollation of the Baptist”, “the four Evangelists”, the “Theological virtues”, the “Madonna of the Rosary with Child” and “Saint Domenico and Saint Catherine”.
The sacristy was built after the construction of the church.


Church of Saint Bernard (Saint Bartholomew)

It is a small church located in the area called Sottoripa. It was consecrated in 1783 and now it is privately owned. It has been recently restored, therefore it is in good conditions. On the façade there is a work in glazed terracotta that shows the “Madonna with Child”. Inside the church there is a statue of the Madonna.


Church of Saint Defendente

The church is located at the cemetery and owned by the town council. It is rectangular in plan and it has an apse. It is completely bleak.


Church of Saint Sebastian

Its façade is adorned by four pilaster strips and 12 steep steps lead to its entrance. Over the door there is a marble memorial stone with the names of the people who died during the First World War (1915-18). The interior is unpretentious: a baldachin is placed over a small altar and a lot of little angels are painted on the ceiling. Moreover there are little paintings that show some saints and the Virgin Mary, a canvas that dates back to the XVIII century and two niches.




Parish Church of Saint Anthony Abbot

It is located near the Castle owned by Count Cozio, in the same place where an ancient pre-existing church was consecrated in 1577. The existing church was built between 1711 and 1725; in 1896 two lateral chapels, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and St. Charles, were added to the building. In 1914 the restoration work finished, in 1949 a beautiful baroque altar was placed in the church building, it was consecrated in 1951 and then decorated by Carlo Meloni.
The statues of St. Paul and St. Peter are located in two niches situated on either side of the portal.
inside the church there are a lot of paintings, such as “Escape to Egypt”, “Presentation at the Temple” and “Exaltation of the Cross”.


Church of Saint Sebastian

This little church is located in the area called Starola. It is rectangular in plan and it has a small bell tower built above the apse. The priest and the believers of the district take responsibility for the  maintenance of the church building, which is in good conditions.


Church of Saint Roch

Nobody knows when it was built (probably before 1616). It was blessed in 1897 and then it was restored many times. It is rectangular in plan and has a small bell tower. Inside the church building there are an altar, three “ex-voto” and a painting that shows the “Madonna with Child and Saint Roch and Saint Bovo”. Mass is celebrated on the 16th of August.